Is $LEADER Trading Secure?

Advanced Encryption for Your Peace of Mind: Your security is our top priority. Rest assured, private keys are safeguarded using industry-leading encryption techniques. They are never stored on our servers, databases, or any part of our website.

Empowering Users with Control Over Their Keys: Distinct from many platforms, $LEADER allows users to retain access to their private keys, which are generated and stored securely on your own device. APIs are created directly on the Centralized or Decentralized Exchange (CEX/DEX) and are encrypted with advanced AES technology, residing solely on your local machine.

Smart Practices for Wallet Security: Consider your wallet as a hot wallet and adopt smart security practices. We strongly recommend the use of subaccounts as an additional layer of security. This not only helps in organizing your assets but also provides an extra safeguard for your trading activities.

How are $LEADER API and Private Keys Managed?

Uncompromised Security for Your Keys: Your API keys' security is paramount. They are encrypted both at-rest and in-transit using the latest in symmetric key encryption technology. Rest assured, these keys are never stored on our servers or databases, ensuring they remain under your control.

Best Practices for $LEADER Wallets:

Treat as Hot Wallets:

  • Active Trading Focus: Your $LEADER-generated trading wallets should be treated as hot wallets. This means they're best used for assets that you are actively trading.

  • Limited Storage: Avoid using your personal, long-term main wallets/account with $LEADER unless absolutely necessary.

  • Regularly Refresh: For added security, consider generating new APIs periodically.

Use Subaccounts for Enhanced Security:

  • Organize and Secure: For added peace of mind and organizational ease, consider using subaccounts. They provide an additional layer of security and help you manage your trading assets more effectively.

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