🤝Referral Program

Maximize Your Impact with the $LEADER Referral Program

What are the benefits of using a referral code?

  • Earn from Referrals: When a new user signs up for $LEADER with your unique referral link, you'll receive 25% of their transaction fees from trading through our platform. It's our way of saying thank you for growing the $LEADER community.

Do I need to hold $LEADER tokens to generate a referral code?

  • Open to All: No, you don't need to hold any $LEADER tokens to create a referral code. Everyone is welcome to participate and benefit from our referral program.

Creating Your Referral Code: Easy Steps

  1. Access the Dashboard: Navigate to the Revenue Sharing dashboard.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect to your preferred web wallet, like Metamask. A prompt will ask you to sign a message to confirm your identity.

  3. Generate Your Code: Click on the User Rewards Settings icon and enter your desired Referral Code. Remember, once set, your referral code cannot be changed.

  4. Share and Earn: Use the provided referral link to invite new users and start earning your referral rewards.

Claiming Your Referral Rewards: A Simple Process

  1. Visit the Dashboard: Return to the Revenue Sharing dashboard and reconnect your wallet.

  2. View Your Earnings: Check the Referral Rewards table to see your accumulated rewards.

  3. Claim Hassle-Free: Use the Claim buttons found at the top-right of the page to receive your rewards directly, without any gas fees.

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