$LEADER Tokenomics: Fueling Growth and Value

We've meticulously designed the $LEADER tokenomics to power our ecosystem sustainably while minimizing investor risk. To understand how these elements synergize, visit our comprehensive ecosystem page.

Circulating Supply and Taxation:

  • Initial Circulating Supply: Approximately 2.5 million $LEADER tokens, inclusive of liquidity provisions.

  • Transaction Tax: A 4% tax is applied to both buys and sells, allocated as follows:

    • 2% to Holders: Rewarding those who believe in and hold $LEADER.

    • 1% to Team: For continuous development and innovation.

    • 1% to Treasury: Bolstering the project's long-term viability and growth.

  • No Transfer Tax: We've eliminated transfer taxes to encourage movement and usability within the $LEADER ecosystem.

$LEADER Ecosystem Aims: Our goal is to cultivate a robust $LEADER environment where users and holders mutually benefit, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and utility. We've proven our ability to generate real, consistent yield and growth. With $LEADER, we're enhancing our ecosystem's value, not just in the short term but as a lasting asset.

Objectives for Volume and Usage:

  • Expand Reach: Introduce more users to $LEADER and our expanded services.

  • Increase Revenue: Grow our treasury for enhanced revenue sharing and reinvestment.

  • Market Dominance: Capitalize on scale economies, similar to our successful strategies in other areas.

Introducing Three Core Mechanics:

  1. Revenue Sharing:

    • Partake in the success of $LEADER. A portion of the revenue generated from various services goes back to the token holders, encouraging holding and ecosystem participation.

  2. $LEADER Bonus:

    • Engage more, earn more. Users who actively use $LEADER services and hold tokens will receive bonuses, enhancing their yield and benefits within the ecosystem.

  3. $LEADER Burn:

    • Ensuring value. Periodic burning of $LEADER tokens will reduce the overall supply, potentially increasing the value of each token held by the community.

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