How do I join the public Telegram community?

  • Discover and Connect: Visit the $LEADER portal to access our vibrant public Telegram community. It's the perfect place to stay updated, ask questions, and engage with fellow enthusiasts and team members.

How do I access the exclusive $LEADER Telegram channels for holders?

  • Exclusive Access for Holders: If you're a proud owner of 10 or more $LEADER tokens, you're eligible for our private channels. Here's what you get:

    • Alpha Discussions: Engage in advanced conversations about market trends, trading strategies, and the future of $LEADER.

    • Feature Proposals: Have a say in the future developments of $LEADER. Propose new features, vote on enhancements, and be at the forefront of innovation.

    • Dedicated Support: Get access to a channel where our team is ready to assist you with any questions or support you might need.

  • Join the Inner Circle: Ready to dive deeper? Visit our exclusive holders' channels and start connecting with the core $LEADER community today!

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